Screen Printing

We utilize traditional direct screen printing methods and are constantly pushing our limits to create the best prints possible. We’ve worked on numerous printing techniques, but the most popular ones we utilize include direct spot color, simulated process, and index separations. We can also add special effects to your prints with multiple styles of texture, foils, clear gels and metallics.

The bottom line: Not sure if it can be done? Just ask. 


Vector Art: Must be .AI or .EPS to yield the best results. All other art files/qualities may be subject vectorization fees if not properly formatted. File conversions will not yield high quality results. Color callouts should be as Solid Coated Pantone swatches. 

Photo Art: Must be a minimum of 300 DPI and be provided as a JPEG or PSD (no PNG or other low res file).


We use only the best for our embroidery. We work on Tajima embroidery machines running Madeira threads. 

All embroidery is digitized in house and not outsourced to low quality overseas digitizers. This ensures the design will lay flat, hold up well and have great stitch density. 

Finishing Services

Have a retail brand that needs a little extra? We can hang tag, fold, or ranger roll your order to make your goods display ready and easy to store and ship.